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  • It’s always upstream to translocate  to a new city and if you are devoid of  work,it becomes a monumentous task, but often a work place is all you need to captivate.
  • After concluding graduation i decamped to my native city Gorakhpur, to ministrate my Father’s construction business, it’s never easy to backtrack but most enigmatic problem was to matriculate the work ethics of Gorakhpur, after gaining three years of experience in construction business, i contemplated exploring myself, I made an unambiguous reconciliation with my dad, that paramount point for me is learning new projects and working as an individual rather than working with him, I went to Bangalore where i had bunked my college memoir, to my disgruntlement i didn’t get the desiderate job i was maneuvering, saddened i initiated freelancing(interiors), but without network it is unbefitting, I endeavoured networking but it was like a wild goose chase, after a uncultivated month I moved to Delhi, the city with my adolescence reminiscence ,but the city was contradistinctive, it’s been 10 yrs,  it was reiteratively a rugged start, but  witnessing stories of people submerged in delhi, I galvanized myself “Delhi capitulates ” and i am not a perquistor, I commenced ransacking co-working spaces,  they were really opulent.
  • To my disentanglement came a modish start-up named “myhq” they bestow workspaces for a inconsequential amount ,altogether u pay for the food vouchers and can sojourn on 16+  locations,use free fast wifi. Hence, I joined myhq, having a abode to work made me feel regenerated and renewed but I was still skeptical about the proceedings, on weekend a football match was organised by “myhq” community, playing a football is always fun but to my amazement it was followed by complimentary beers ,you can always make friends over a beer, refreshed and replenished i tried a new place “flypmtv” which is a coworking space for myhq, during my second visit to flypmtv luck favored and I landed a interior design project, it felt prodigious to finally have a work in hand, one week and I had a client I was flabbergasted, I know it’s just a project and what if it’s BLIND after this, but intermittently all you need is a start and rest follows ,keeping faith in my credencials I move forward and sanguinely my pursuance and pre-requisite knowledge will succor.
  • For now I assent a spacious thankyou to co-working spaces by”myhq”.
  • So all-encompassing freelancers looking for work or a place to work “myhq” is the right place to be. It helped me connect, it can help anybody.
  • keep dreaming
  • keep sharing
  • keep loving
  • krishna agrawal(freelancer interiors)

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